If you’re a fan of the show or at least read my previous post, you know by now that filming for “Falling Skies” season 2 is done and the premiere date has been set.  What you may not know is that back in late January, TNT invited a small group of bloggers and a few lucky fans from around the globe to visit the sets and locations in and around Vancouver where the show is filmed.

Turner Broadcasting (TNT) teamed up with MAP Marketing & Incentives to create what can best be described as the trip of a lifetime.  No expense was spared and we were quite literally treated like royalty the entire time.  Click through to read more.

The first evening brought a meet-and-greet party for all the guests and some TNT executives, followed by a screening of the final episode of season 1.  I didn’t know anyone else in the group, but it didn’t take long to feel comfortable with the guests and TNT folks at all.  Everyone without exception was extremely nice and connecting was easy since we all shared an intense passion for “Falling Skies.”

The food served during this party was nothing short of incredible and it was plentiful to boot.  The party had only been going for a few minutes when we were met with some completely unexpected news.  Peter Shinkoda (Dai) dropped by to meet the fans!  It was both a gratifying and humbling experience to realize this man took time out of his busy schedule of working extremely long hours at all hours of the day and night just for us.

Peter Shinkoda is honestly one of the kindest and most generous people I’ve ever met.  He remained with us all the way through the after-party screening of season one’s exciting finale episode.  He mentioned this was the first time he’d seen a final cut of the episode so even though he’s on the show there was something new for him to discover.

One thing I learned that I found very refreshing is that Turner really pays attention to online response to their shows.  The representatives who were with us for this trip were genuinely interested in what we, as fans, thought about the show.  They were friendly and outgoing and you could see they were sincere in their desire to know what the fan community thought.

After enjoying the finale in the luxurious screening room, a few of us decided to continue getting to know one another so we grabbed a table and had many great conversations.  Peter stayed with us to chat, further proof of his friendliness and generosity.

The following day began our actual set visits, which were fantastic and like everything else on this trip went way beyond our expectations.  Keep watch for more about that next week!

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