Great news for fans of “L5.”  Here are a few goodies the fine folks at Hemogoblin have presented to us.  First we have a video “shout out” from Stanley Von Medvey & Chad Burns where they express their gratitude towards all you fans who’ve helped make the show such a success.  Click through for the video and some more surprises.

That in itself proves that the type of business model they’re trying to create is a true, functioning 2-way system of communication directly between the artists and the fans.  This isn’t something you’d ever get from traditional television and I, for one, really appreciate how they’ve made the fans a real part of the process.

As if that weren’t enough to prove Hemogoblin listens to fans, they’ve provided a link to subtitles for the episode here.  The subtitles are available in no less than seven different languages!  Now, if you’re hearing-impaired or know a fan who’s hearing impaired you have the tools to make “L5” even more accessible.  The same goes for fans whose first language isn’t English or who don’t speak it at all.  Heck, you might just like to watch television with the sound off.

Finally, we have information about some of the cast & crew’s presence at C2E2.  Some of the guys will be there Saturday, April 14, 2012 from 11:00 pm – 11:30 pm (Session #67).  Attending will be Chad Burns (Dr. Rodney Lewis/Production Design), Chris Boylan (VFX Lead/Technical Director), Stanley Von Medvey (Director/Co-creator), Stas Poritsky (3D Technical Director), Tom Ptasinski (Writer/Producer/Co-creator), and Will Finson (Richard Adams).  Now that’s what I call real interaction (and it’s in 3D!).  For more details click here.

And please don’t forget to donate anything you can, no matter how small, it will make a difference!  To download “L5” and to donate, go to the “L5” Page on VODO.  Be sure to tell your friends about this wonderful show and how even the tiniest contribution can make a real difference.

You want your voice to be heard when it comes to genre entertainment?  You’ve never had a better chance than you do with Hemogoblin and “L5” so let’s keep the downloads and donations going.


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: L5 – Subtitles, Video Shout Out, & C2E2 Info!

  1. Hiya Tom,
    Glad ya like the lil quick and dirty video.
    We want everyone to know that we are always aware of how big a part they play in what we are able to accomplish.
    Without you, your fans, and our fans…none of this is possible.
    We will never ever overlook that.
    Keep spreading the word…people need to know that there is a way to have a more direct impact on their entertainment options than as a passive consumer (victim).

    • We are of one mind in those beliefs. I know there are many more out there who feel the same way, but hesitate to literally put their money where their mouth is because they think it won’t make a difference. You guys are making the biggest difference in web entertainment I’ve ever seen, and the number of downloads is proof of that.

      Thanks for the kind words. My only regret is I can’t do more, but I won’t stop doing what I can.

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