A little while back I had the honor of reviewing a wonderful scifi short film from an up-and-coming young filmmaker by the name of Jason Huls and production company Ten Wing Films.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, you can read my review and watch the trailer here: The Drone – Intriguiging Scifi Short Film.  Jason is a very busy young man and I’ve been remiss in bringing to your attention another scifi short he’s working on called Citizen in the Temple.  I aim to remedy that omission immediately.

The trailer for this short gives the impression that this is also a very professionally produced story.  I never cease to be amazed at what independent filmmakers can do on less money than a big Hollywood production probably spends in a week on craft services alone.  These guys work very long hours, often after their “day jobs” and usually for no pay, but their devotion shows through in every frame.

The official synopsis for Citizen in the Temple follows:

On a desolate planet, Jennon Ril is a man living in an oppressive city-state. After a chase and a brutal fight, he is interrogated by The Templars, who are half inquisitor and half mad scientist. An especially crafty and sinister templar named Ceres accuses Jennon of severe crimes against the city. Jennon has to talk his way out of trouble without revealing he is a member of an underground rebel movement. As the tension rises, Jennon is forced to choose between his rebellion and the woman he loves.

Pretty cool stuff, huh?  I have always loved science fiction of all kinds and I really like the exploration of the dystopian future theme.  The interesting thing about these kinds of stories is they often take a futuristic idea or concept from today and show what might become of it in some alternate Twilight Zone type of reality.  How ideas of worker androids, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and the like can be taken to extremes never ceases to amaze.

If you’ve seen the trailer for The Drone, read the synopsis, and paid close attention to this trailer you might have caught a connection between the stories.  It seems they both take place on the same desolate planet in the city of Nok Tiris.  Whether they take place in the same time period or not remains to be seen, but I like how the narratives are being connected.  If there’s any justice in this world, both of these shorts will enjoy a great deal of success and maybe we will be treated to more tales of Nok Tiris.  Having more stories come from this dark future would definitely make our own future look brighter.

Currently there is no set release date, but rest assured that when it is you will find out about it right here.  Please bear in mind these projects are crowd funded so your donation, no matter how small, will make a real difference.  Below are several links related to Citizen in the Temple, Jason Huls, and Ten Wing Films, but of all these the most important to the future of this project, and others like it, is the Indiegogo link where you help this project live.

Indiegogo donation link (There are valuable perks for varying donation levels!)

Citizen in the Temple Facebook page

Ten Wing Films website (Info about the people behind the production company and videos they’ve made)

Jason Huls’ website (Info, videos, and stills from Jason Huls’ various projects)

Ten Wing Films on Vimeo (A great assortment of videos from this wonderful production company)


2 thoughts on “Citizen in the Temple – Another Great Short From Jason Huls & Ten Wing Films

  1. Jason Huls should think about make several of short special make-up effects horror monster, sci fi movies and maybe Huls should do a few special effects body mutating alien, sci-fi movies.

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