Falling Skies – Character Creation

Over at Three if by Space, the best place to read just about anything concerning Falling Skies there is a brand new article that explains the complex process that goes into creating a character for the show.  In Falling Skies Script to Screen – Understanding the Character, author Robert Prentice (who also happens to be the founder and managing editor of Three if by Space) explains how everyone involved in the creative process contributes to the fleshed-out character you see on the screen.

From the article:

Often times there is a disconnect with the writers and the actors that can cause for dialog to be awkward or scenes not make sense. That is not the case with falling skies. Season 2 show runner Remi Aubuchon, including Mark Verheiden, take the input of the actors and use it to help mold the character that each person is playing and make the person and the written character mesh together.

To read the full article go to Three if by Space: Falling Skies Script to Screen – Understanding the Character.

While you’re there you might want to register and leave a comment or two.  The site works on a points system for participating and you can use those points to trade for rewards like gift cards to Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, and others.  It literally pays to be a part of their community!


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