I’m a little late with this as I mentioned in Falling Skies Set Visit Part 3 – Meet The Cast! that I’d have some interviews in “about a week.”  Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks, but as promised some short, but sweet, interviews with some of the great cast of Falling Skies.

As I mentioned in my previous article, when we first arrived on set shooting was going on so we were escorted to a large room while the real work was being done.  That was where we were surprised by Colin Cunningham (Pope), Peter Shinkoda (Dai), Drew Roy (Hal), and Sarah Carter (Maggie) who joined the already present Connor Jessup (Ben) to patiently and graciously answer all our burning questions.

Let’s start with the shortest video in the bunch.  It’s only 15 seconds long, but it

answers the question, “Who’s the funniest person on set?”  One actor gives a very definitive answer, and after meeting this person I’m not surprised one bit.

In another short clip, not quite twice as long as the previous, the cast give a brief answer about character direction.  Colin also almost answers the question of if there will be a Pope/Maggie confrontation, but deftly sidesteps it at the last second!

One more short clip (35 seconds) then I’ll quit teasing you and provide something a bit longer.  In this one Peter Shinkoda briefly discusses how the cast of such a successful show can remain relatively anonymous in Vancouver.  For some reason Falling Skies doesn’t air on any channel except for one obscure pay channel so the actors aren’t immediately recognized, and subsequently mobbed, by fans when they go out in public.

I’m sure as a celebrity this is a rare and welcome situation to find yourself in.  While it’s obvious these guys love their fans more than we could have imagined before meeting them, I’m sure it’s nice to just be able to walk down the street, relax at a coffee shop or have a meal at a nice restaurant without being constantly interrupted by well-meaning fans.

One thing I know for sure: If these people were mobbed by fans they’d happily take all the time in the world to sign autographs, answer questions and pose for pictures.  They really do appreciate us at least as much as we appreciate them.  I know I’ve gone on about this in past articles, but it cannot be stressed enough how much these fine actors are fans of you!

In the final video for this post, the cast tell which episode from season 1 was their favorite.  For some reason the audio is a bit muddled on this video, but we weren’t actually expecting to be able to video anything so we were unprepared.  All these videos were done from a phone while the “good” equipment sat unused back at the hotel!

There are several more interview videos left to show you in the coming weeks.  I don’t want to toss them all in here at once and then leave you with little to read about while waiting for season 2.  This way we can all stay busy with new Falling Skies info until season 2 premieres Sunday, June 17, at 9/8c!

Once again I have to say I owe a debt of eternal gratitude to Turner Broadcasting (TNT) and MAP Marketing & Incentives for an unimaginably wonderful experience.  Both organizations are committed to the people they serve: we fans!  With so many networks and corporations in the world that only seem to focus on their bottom line, it’s great to know that Turner Broadcasting (TNT) and MAP Marketing & Incentives focus on the people.

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If you missed part 3 of our set visit where we meet the cast then be sure to check out Falling Skies Set Visit Part 3 – Meet the Cast!

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For the web’s premiere site for news, clips, images and insider information of Falling Skies be sure to visit Three if by Space.  While SciFi Singularity is my personal blog, I do the majority of my writing over there and the site is packed with up to date information about everything relating to science fiction and now even science & technology!  Be sure to stop by and tell them you made it there through SciFi Singularity.  Thanks.

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