Help Volunteer Run Scifi News & Entertainment Site Three If By Space – Kickstarter

If you’ve read many of my posts here at SciFi Singularity you’ll know that I often link to articles over at Three If By Space.  Not only is it the web’s premiere site for Falling Skies information, but it’s a rising star in the world of overall science fiction/fantasy news and recently began moving into the science/technology arena as well.

What you might not know is this isn’t a site run by people who get paid for their efforts.  As one of the newest contributors to the site I can attest to the fact that it’s a site run by fans, for fans and we all volunteer our time and efforts toward sharing our love for the genre with the world.  We live all around the US and most of us have never met in person, but we share this common passion that brings us together in this effort.

Please consider pledging something to the TiBS Kickstarter Project or donate directly through PayPal here.  This year we will be going to Comic Con for the first time and we want to do a promotional event at SDCC to hand out shirts for our site to people spreading the word about online media, and our site. The money raised will be used to pay the artists donating their time to our shirt designs, hosting costs to continue running the site and for the cost of printing up the shirts we will be giving away at SDCC.

Robert Prentice, the founder and managing editor for Three If By Space does the most by far.  From a financial standpoint, he runs the site solely out of his own pocket.  That’s the kind of dedication you don’t find very often, but Robert does so because he loves Falling Skies and scifi/fantasy and wants to share that passion with the world.

Unfortunately, that’s not always enough.  Unlike the large commercial sites it takes us extra effort to bring you celebrity interviews, location photos and exclusive news.  It’s convention season and several of us are attending events such as SDCC and DragonCon to continue bringing you the best in news coverage, but we’re all spending our own money to do it.  And believe me, it ain’t cheap!  If you’ve ever been to a convention you know how much it costs to fly out, get a hotel, purchase a badge and all that.

Three If By Space needs your help and you can earn some cool stuff by being a supporter, too!  To help please go to the TiBS Kickstarter Project or donate directly through PayPal here.  Donating through the TiBS Kickstarter Project will give you the opportunity to receive mentions & exclusive merchandise like a unique, custom-designed, limited-edition convention t-shirt.  These shirts will only be available through donations to the TiBS Kickstarter Project or if you’re one of the lucky convention-goers who can snag one.

If you can donate anything at all we’d be eternally grateful. Okay, to be clear, by “anything” I don’t mean dusty treadmills or puppies (although we loves us some puppies!) I mean any amount of financial help. This is a fan-run site so help some fellow fans continue to bring a dream to reality.

So, yes, we’re asking for your help, but we’re also giving back in the form of exclusive merchandise and the ability to continue bringing you exclusive and up-to-the minute news, pictures and videos.  Thank you for your help.

TiBS Kickstarter Project

Donate directly through PayPal.

To learn more about the site and the volunteer contributors, check out the About Us page at Three If By Space.


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