There have been several videos released over the past few months surrounding the highly-anticipated release of the movie Prometheus, the long-awaited return to the universe that first brought us the fantastically creepy Alien and its sequels.  While it’s been quiet lately, something huge has just appeared online that you’ll want to see if you’re even slightly interested in this movie.

Over at Three If By Space I’ve just posted an article that features the brand-new international trailer for Prometheus.  In it, there’s tons of new footage, plenty of Charlize Theron’s character, some hints at the plot and oodles of new alien lifeforms!

If that’s not enough for you, I’ve also included a featurette called Prometheus – 30 Years In The Making, the original full trailer, the TED 2023 speech by Peter Weyland, and my personal favorite, the uber-creepy advertisement entitled Introducing the David 8 – The Next Generation Weyland Robot.

Hurry on over to read New Prometheus International Trailer Reveals Much More only at!


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