Fans of Falling Skies have waited patiently, yet excitedly for season 2 to premiere.  It may still be a few weeks away, but my good friend Robert Prentice of Three If By Space has some new information you will definitely want to check out.  The juiciest bit of all is a brand-new 2 minute exclusive season 2 preview from Access Hollywood.

If you liked the show last season, this new season will literally blow you away.  If you were one of the few who wasn’t sure about Falling Skies, season 2 is going to change your mind for the better.  There’s more action, the special effects are even better (if that’s possible as they were near perfect in season 1), and the fight grows more intense.

So hurry over to Three If By Space to read “All New Look at Falling Skies Season 2” and see the exclusive new video from Access Hollywood.  You will not be disappointed.

And please consider pledging to the TiBS Kickstarter Project or donate directly through PayPal here. 
There’s only 5 days left to pledge on Kickstarter and get some cool gifts like custom made t-shirts.  Any amount is a huge help.


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