It’s been about 2 weeks since my last batch of Falling Skies cast interviews, so I’m overdue on posting this, but these are longer and more in-depth clips than before.  In this latest batch of interviews you get to see the cast discuss the weapons training they received for the show, talk about who might be a practical joker on set, answer whether or not any of them have met Steven Spielberg and finally tell how much they enjoy being a part of Falling Skies.  So sit back and enjoy watching these wonderful actors give candid answers to some questions we’ve all wanted to ask.

First up: Weapons Training

As you could probably tell, they had fun with the weapons training and learned some important, practical lessons in the process.  Speaking of fun, in this next clip we learn if there are any practical jokers on the set.

Anyone who watches Falling Skies knows Steven Spielberg’s name is attached to this show.  We ask if any of the cast had an opportunity to meet him.

It’s obvious we all enjoy watching Falling Skies and after meeting the cast we saw how hard they work at bringing us their great performances.  Just because they work long, hard hours doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying themselves.  As you’ll see in this last clip they really enjoy what they’re doing.

Remember, Falling Skies season 2 premieres Sunday, June 17, at 9/8c only on TNT!

Continued thanks to Turner Broadcasting (TNT) and MAP Marketing & Incentives for hosting such a great trip.

Falling Skies Set Visit – Vancouver Season 2 Filming

Falling Skies Set Visit Part 2 – Meet The People Behind The Skitters

Falling Skies Set Visit Part 3 – Meet the Cast!

Falling Skies Set Visit – Cast Interviews Pt1

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