As season 2 of Falling Skies draws near, I’ve got the final three videos for you from our great set visit in Vancouver.  They’re not very long, but you get some fun insight into the actors’ personalities and what they like.  Also, for good measure I have included the video of Todd Masters explaining how they balance practical and CGI effects to give the most realistic portrayal of the alien creature possible.

All the goodness after the jump.

When asked what other character the actors might like to have played Colin and Sarah give some interesting answers.  Sarah’s is a bit surprising and got some laughs, but really makes a lot of sense.

As fans we always wonder if the cast and crew get along behind the scenes.  We always hope that’s the case and it’s obvious they all seem to have a great time with one another both on and off the set.  We pressed them about who was their favorite character to work with, and while that put them in a bit of a spot they all seemed to agree on the same answer!

And finally, because we just can’t get enough of our favorite 6-legged baddies, here’s Todd Masters along with gracious Connor Jessup explaining how they use both practical and CGI effects to maximize the visuals for the skitters.  They do a fantastic job of special effects on Falling Skies and learning more about the inner workings is fascinating.

I remain forever grateful to Turner Broadcasting (TNT) and MAP Marketing & Incentives for hosting such a great trip.

Falling Skies Set Visit – Vancouver Season 2 Filming

Falling Skies Set Visit Part 2 – Meet The People Behind The Skitters

Falling Skies Set Visit Part 3 – Meet the Cast!

Falling Skies Set Visit – Cast Interviews Pt1

Falling Skies Set Visit, Cast Interviews Pt2 – Weapons Training & More

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