With just 1 week left before the premiere of Falling Skies ahead of us, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little something to soothe the ache of waiting?  Fear not, because the ever-reliable site Three If By Space has two new behind the scenes videos for fans to enjoy!

In the first video, Who Can You Trust?, it’s made very clear that the mystery behind the invasion is far deeper and more complex than we could have imagined.  Things are going to get very interesting and unbelievably intense from the very first episode and continue that way throughout the entire season.

In the second video, Ben’s Transformation, we see clips of a changed Ben Mason interspersed with Connor Jessup explaining how his character has morphed from season one’s happy, peaceful kid into a strong, fast fighting machine.  It looks like Jessup’s character is going to play a much larger role in season 2 and it will be an extremely fascinating thing to see.

To read the article and watch the videos click on over to:

Falling Skies Season 2 – New Behind The Scenes Videos at Three If By Space!

Enjoy and please remember to follow Three If By Space on Twitter and the Three If By Space Facebook Page for all the latest inside information on Falling Skies.


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