The season 2 premiere of Falling Skies has aired its blockbuster 2-hour episode to what is shaping up to be record numbers.  If you watched it you know the show has gotten even better than it was last season with more action and more intricate mysteries about why the aliens are here.  Those 2 hours literally flew by with great writing, remarkable special effects and superb acting.

Now that we’ve all finally gotten our Falling Skies fix after that long wait, how about some insightful recaps of the 2-hour premiere?  As I’ve said before, there’s no better place to go for Falling Skies news than Three If By Space.  My good friend Robert already has recaps of both thrilling hours on the site, so head on over and check out his excellent work.

Falling Skies Season 2 Premiere Part 1: World’s Apart Recap

Falling Skies Season 2 Premiere Part 2: Shall We Gather At The River Recap

Each week the Falling Skies website will be streaming a live broadcast of their new after-show, Falling Skies 2nd Watch hosted by Wil Wheaton.  You’ll get to watch the cast & creators answer questions regarding the episode that just aired along with questions submitted by fans.  Check it out and submit a question.  Who knows?  Maybe yours will be answered live by one of your favorite actors!

Don’t worry if you can’t be online when the after-show airs live.  The episodes will be available a bit later for streaming at your convenience, too.  Those crazy kids over at TNT seems to think of everything  don’t they?

Falling Skies 2nd Watch

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