Are you going to SDCC this year?  Are you happy you’re going, but wishing the stars of your favorite show, Falling Skies, would be there?  Well, wish granted!

TNT just announced that no less than 7 of the show’s regulars, along with executive producer Remi Aubuchon and fan-favorite Wil Wheaton, the host of the streaming after-show Falling Skies 2nd Watch, will be in attendance.  This continues to prove that everyone involved with Falling Skies and TNT, the network that brings it to us, really goes all-out for their fans.  A more generous bunch of people you will not find anywhere else in entertainment.

Oh, were you wondering which 7 stars will be attending?  You’ll have to visit Three If By Space to find out!  Not only will Three If By Space be in attendance for the 2012 SDCC, but they will be bringing you a load of details during and after the con.  So head on over to Three If By Space to find out which of your favorite stars will be at Comic Con and keep visiting to get the best, latest and most in-depth coverage of Falling Skies to be found anywhere.

Falling Skies To Invade Comic-Con as Cast Returns to San Diego for Panel and Signing on Friday, July 13

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