Falling Skies: Young Bloods Recap, Episode 5 Preview via Three If By Space

Tonight’s episode entitled Young Bloods placed a lot of focus on the brothers Mason as well as a group of young people surviving on their own without any adults around.  Maxim Knight as Matt started off the episode with a really riveting scene that had a bit of a surprise ending that you don’t really see coming.

The episode continued with a good bit of Ben and Hal togetherness.  Some of it cooperative, like their scouting mission, some of it a bit adversarial, like their conversation atop the school bus.  The two elder Mason brothers locate the aforementioned group of young people after a couple of them steal the brothers’ motorcycles.  What starts out as a confrontation morphs into cooperation then rescue, but you’re not getting the juicy details from me, although I will point you there!

Since he’s already done all the “heavy lifting” I’m going to refer you to my good friend, Rob, founder and managing editor of Three If By Space.  Rob’s already written an excellent recap of a superb and creepy episode that again improves upon the story of our favorite resistance fighters while at the same time adding even more layers of complexity to the story of the aliens…and the harnessing.  So check out the full recap of Young Bloods at the link below:

Falling Skies Recap: Young Bloods – Protecting our future, Protecting our secrets

Now that was a satisfying episode and a thorough recap to boot!  What’s that?  You want more?  Well…okay, since you asked nicely and you’re smart enough to be a Falling Skies fan we’ll gladly give you more.  Along with the recap of tonight’s episode, Rob also has a wonderful preview of next week’s episode entitled Love and Other Acts of Courage complete with one helluva video that’ll have you screaming for next Sunday to get here.

Falling Skies Preview – Love and other acts of courage

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