We’re getting very close to Falling Skies‘ 4th episode of the exciting 2nd season.  If you think you’ve seen impressive episodes before, you’re in for a real treat tonight.  I’m especially excited as I got to see a small part of this episode as it was being filmed and I think what I saw is going to be an extremely important, and creepy, segment to add to the mythos of Falling Skies.

This episode will shift the focus to the younger members of the cast a bit more.  If you look closely at the picture above you may just recognize that hair!  For a lot more than this little tease I’ve given you including a preview video of tonight’s episode, click on over to Three If By Space for a review of this episode.

Review: Falling Skies Episode 4 – Young Bloods at Three If By Space

Remember, Falling Skies airs Sunday at 10/9C only on TNT.  And as always, don’t forget that immediately following the broadcast you can watch the streaming interview show, 2nd Watch, at the Falling Skies website.  It begins streaming at 10/9C, but don’t worry if Falling Skies airs later for you, the episodes of Falling Skies 2nd Watch are still there to stream at your convenience so you don’t miss a thing.

Falling Skies 2nd Watch at

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