Like anybody really believed there wouldn’t be a second season of Stranger Things.

Yeah, I know.  We don’t get our hopes up until the “official” announcement is made.  But when it comes to this runaway hit, there are only two kinds of people: Those that love Stranger Things and those that haven’t seen it yet.  If you’re one of the latter, get some help moving that rock, crawl out from under it, set aside an entire day, and binge watch this wonderful show.

Even if it doesn’t look like the kind of show you’d find remotely interesting, I can almost guarantee you’ll love it.  The only reason I say “almost” is because the only people I can imagine wouldn’t like original storytelling with an unbelievably talented cast and gorgeous production values are the numerous network executives who passed on picking up this show.  Those people are fucking idiots who think they’re geniuses, so they’ll never be swayed.

And speaking of stranger – Netflix announced a second season of the hit 80s throwback by releasing a teaser video today.  Usually, these sort of things are handled via press release or some other news announcement, but Stranger Things doesn’t do “normal”.  The video has no new footage and lists all the season one episode titles as letters in the show’s logo style arrange themselves into the words “Season Two”.  It’s a style fans love so much there’s a website where you can make your own logo in the same fashion.  Just head over to Make It Stranger to make your own!

As the teaser ends, it indicates the story will take place in the Fall of 1984 and the second season will be coming in 2017.  With no specific date set, it’s probably safe to assume season two will start next Summer, probably June-ish.  And we’ve already learned from the Duffer Brothers (Creative team behind the show) that season two will be a sequel to the first.  Plus, in a nod to the fan love for Barb (Shannon Purser), the brothers promised we’ll see justice for everybody’s favorite 80s redhead.

Okay, enough with the reading.  Let’s get on to watching:

Keep on frantically Googling for further news of Stranger Things’ next season and if you’re very lucky I might find it first and share it here.  The important thing is you watch … and watch again.  Go to Netflix and rewatch that sucker now!

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