Tonight we were graced with an episode that tugged at our emotions in ways we didn’t expect.  The main focus was on what happens between Three and Five.  It absolutely cemented my love for Three and Anthony Lemke’s outstanding performance was a big part of why.

This was a multi-tissue episode.  It was also a very quote-worthy episode, with lots of great dialogue.  I’ve included many of my favorites below.

Dark Matter 211 Review

Like it or not, Three’s going to eat that fruit! (Image courtesy Syfy)

In A Nutshell
(A very big nutshell)

The episode opens with the crew at a planetary station doing some shopping and relaxing.  Three and Five are shopping together when Five gets kidnapped.  A witness finds Three and tells him about the incident.  He goes after her, alone.  He finds Five and kills the five men who took her (Hey, five for Five!), but gets seriously wounded in the process.

Meanwhile, Two, Four, and Nyx are spotted by someone who alerts the Galactic Authority.  The GA, including Chief Inspector Kierken, use Transfer Transit to arrive quickly and to insure their safety.  The trio evade capture and take the Marauder back to the Raza.

On the planet’s surface, the GA catch up to Three and Five who have to sneak away into the woods.  Three can’t go very far because his wound is so severe.  He convinces Five to leave him behind and go for help.

Good news, bad news, good news:  Fortunately, the Marauder Trio is now out searching for them.  Unfortunately, Kierken and his men catch up with Three.  Fortunately, the GA Inspector wants them alive.  He finally to get Three to talk about the white hole technology disaster on Iriden-3 by offering complete amnesty for Five.

Three explains how Truffault hired them to steal an unknown device from Traugott Corp.  But he lies a bit by telling Kierken he was the only Raza crew member involved and that he worked with Wexler’s gang to do the job.

Apparently, Kierken sees through this lie and orders his men to shoot down the Marauder with a shoulder-fired missile.  Before they have a chance to pull the trigger, Five hits them with the same kind of device.  This serves to disable, not kill, the GA officers and provides a handy location beacon for the Marauder.

The crew land and come to Three’s rescue, already having picked up Five.  Three stops Two from killing Kierken, even though he’s just a clone.  He wants the Chief Inspector to remember their encounter.

Everyone is now back on the Raza. Six and Two see a news broadcast about uprisings in the outer colonies.  Six thinks the Raza should let it happen, blinking in where needed to keep the innocent safe during the coming corporate war.

The episode closes with Four and Nyx sleeping in the same bed.  Four is thinking about Zairon, obviously conflicted.  Heading to the bridge, he shows Android a copy of his neural imprint and asks her for help in regaining his memories.

Dark Matter 211 Review

Curmudgeonly Contemplations
(Yeah, I think. Sometimes.)

  • It was good to see Two, Four, and Nyx just enjoying themselves.  Most of all Four.  It’s rare to see his lighter side.  From the signs of things to come, this may be the last time we see him smile for a while.  These scenes also help to cement Nyx’s place in the Raza Family.  I just hope that doesn’t come back to bite them in the ass later.
  • Android is unwavering in her attempts to comfort the crew.  She and Six have a conversation about forgiveness that’s adorable and funny, like most Android scenes.
  • Five is just full of surprises.  Who would’ve thought she could take down a man using only a spoon?
  • Kris Holden-Ried is a pleasure to watch as Chief Inspector Kierken.  His character could’ve easily been a one-dimensional caricature, but thankfully we get a deeper character.  Kierken’s actually a decent man who’s misguided in the belief that he’s serving justice.  Sound familiar?
  • Kierken’s ability to read a crime scene so thoroughly is impressive.  It’s almost as spooky as Nyx’s ability to predict future outcomes.  He’s less like a GA officer and more like Space Sherlock!
  • The quote from Three about not underestimating Five ever since she stole his bullets was a reference to season one’s third episode when Five unloaded Three’s gun because she thought he looked shifty.  Well, he did!
  • Three tried to get Five to leave him in the woods by telling her how he doesn’t care about her.  By now, we all know it’s a pack of lies, and so does Five, but it’s also one of the most loving and selfless things we’ve ever seen Three do. It’s also something we fans have really needed to see for a long time.  Well done!
  • When Kierken tries to get Three to talk about the events surrounding Iriden-3, the only thing that made him open up was when the GA Inspector offered a way to spare Five from all repercussions.
  • This season has seen development for all the characters, although Six probably the least.  Since he’s been in the doghouse all season, he’s almost been the new One this year.  I’m not saying I think he’ll get killed off, just that he’s spent a lot of time on the back burner this season, much like Marc Bendavid’s One did in the first season.  Now that he’s paid his penance in the eyes of (most of) the crew, I hope we’ll start seeing Six featured more prominently and more often.  Although I have thoroughly enjoyed his constant saving of Three’s life, the one holdout on the crew when it comes to forgiving … and that may change after tonight.
  • I thought the infirmary scene at the end was absolutely hilarious.  When Five handed Three some oatmeal, I remembered how the horrible, turd-like consistency food on Hyperion-8 was, in reality, also oatmeal.  I can’t tell if this was an in-joke or just coincidence, but it elicited an audible guffaw from me.  Five slipping in some of that bitter fruit was just icing on the oatmeal cake.
  • Six’s idea of the Raza being a “powerful and respected force in a power vacuum” parallels Milo’s statement that during troubled times a small group, or even one person, can make a huge difference.  Milo may be gone, but his knowledge is still useful.
Dark Matter 211 Review

Gettin’ a little creepy there, Android. (Image courtesy Syfy)

Inquiring Minds Want To Know
(Sometimes I don’t understand things.)

Strangely, I didn’t end up with many questions after this episode.  It was pretty fulfilling and didn’t leave me with a lot of things to wonder about, just plenty to look forward to.  So, here’s the one question I had from this episode.

  • Did Six say, “Snowcapped skirts and ocular piercings are in”?  Because that’s what it sounded like.
Dark Matter 211 Review

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that. (Image courtesy Syfy)

I Heard It Through The Grapevine
(I’m hoping you heard it, too, otherwise I may need professional help.)

 “There’s nothing more disrespectful than killing an opponent with a dirty blade.” – Four

“What did you pick up?” – Four
“Oh you know, girl stuff.  Scented creams, ammunition, knives.” – Two

“I advise you cut down on your sodium intake and increase your consumption of soluble fiber.” – Android

“Thanks for coming to get me. I was scared.” – Five
“Me too. Kinda.” – Three

“My assumptions are sometimes fallible. So I’ve identified a weakness in your left ventricular free wall … that I will target if my faith in you proves to be misplaced.” – Android
“Good to know.” – Six
“Yes … it is good to know.” – Android (getting creepy here)

“You think they’ll know it’s us?” – Nyx, regarding a planned distraction
“Explosions, shooting, and screaming.  Who else would it be?” – Four

“You don’t sound fine. And you look terrible. You’re all sweaty and pale … more than usual, anyway.” – Three

“Kid. I stopped underestimating you when you snuck into my quarters and you stole the bullets from my gun.” – Three

“There’s a difference between underestimating someone and not wanting them to get hurt.” – Three

“You know what I wish?  I wish I’d spaced you when I had the chance.” – Three, uttering the titular line

“Ah, so you’re crying now? Is that it? You’re tearing up like a little baby? Why is that? Is it because I hurt your feelings?” – Three
“No. No … I’m crying because I know what you’re trying to do.” – Five

Dark Matter 211 Review

Not cool, guys. (Image courtesy Syfy)

(Minor concerns that likely stem from my inability to understand simple concepts.)

  • One of the Kidnap Brothers got a good chunk of spoon handle shoved into his ear.  He didn’t bleed much and seemed to recover very quickly.  I’m pretty sure he’d need more than a quick clean up.
  • The tip was originally called in on Two, Four, and Nyx so why does Kierken show the shopkeeper a picture of Three and Five?  I get that the GA knows the entire crew, but it seemed odd that Kierken would have pictures of just the two crew who were in the market.  It would’ve made more sense to show a picture of all the crew or at least explain how Kierken knew to show just those pictures to the shopkeeper.
  • How did Five manage to aim the missile shot so precisely that she could disarm the GA soldiers without killing anyone?  She’s not exactly known for her firearm skills.  And while a shoulder-fired missile is more technical than a simple gun and Five’s a whiz with tech gadgets, I just had a hard time believing she could pull off something so apparently difficult.  Glad she did, but it bugged me a little.
Chief Inspector Kierken - A good man working for a corrupt organization. (Image courtesy Syfy)

Chief Inspector Kierken – A good man working for a corrupt organization. (Image courtesy Syfy)

… And Stay Out
(Final thoughts before I’m taken back to my cell.)

The more we see of Kierken and his interactions with the Raza crew, the more I’m convinced he will eventually become an ally of theirs.  It may be an uneasy alliance, but I think eventually he’ll begin to see the corruption within the Galactic Authority and the honor amongst these thieves.

I’m also beginning to wonder if Three isn’t replacing Six as the new father figure for Five.  Right now, I’m leaning towards Three playing more of a big brother or favorite uncle role to The Kid.  Although after this episode, it’s kind of hard to tell.  These two are closer in many ways than any other members of the Raza crew, especially after this (mis)adventure.

It definitely looks like we’ll be heading to Zairon and jumping right in the middle of Ishida Empire politics.  With Four armed with a copy of his memories and his expressed desire to save his homeworld, there’s little doubt where the story will take us next.

I can’t wait.

Read my review of episode 212 here: Dark Matter 212 Review: Game of Throne

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11 thoughts on “Dark Matter 211 Review: Here’s Looking At You, Kid

  1. Great review! I too was blown away by Anthony Lemke’s performance tonight. The entire show was well written & acted. The playful interaction between Two, Four & Nyx was fun and a light tone before the darkness of the next episode. Seeing Four smile and opening up was a long time coming and too short lived. The much needed but yet slightly disturbing conservation between Android & Six was also well done. Don’t cross Android! …But the episode belonged to Three & Five. I agree, why haven’t these two been paired before? Three was a tour de force in his search and rescue of Five easily dispatching 4/5 kidnappers. Oops! on the math, this oversight leading to Three being shot. Afterward it was one bonding moment after the other. Cauterizing the wound, walking through the woods, Three begging Five to leave him, using words to push her away, the tears, the depth of emotion. I was wrung out by the end! I loved this episode!!

    To address one grievance: I think Kierkan was only showing a mug shot of Three & Five in the market because he knew that the others had been sighted at a different location.

    I do enjoy Kris Holden-Reid as Kierkan though after tonight’s episode, I don’t think he will become an ally. He only wanted Three alive so he could record a confession from him. Once he had the confession he ordered the shooting down of the maurader and I don’t doubt for one second that he wouldn’t arrest Five if given the chance.

    • Thanks for the kind words! Tonight was a very emotionally draining night. Dark Matter was incredible, but I felt exhausted after watching. It’s gone from really good TV to great TV. I only hope I survive the finale!

  2. I agree. The spoon head stab was problematic.

    Btw, I thought something different about why Kierken tried to blow the Marauder up. I thought he actually bought that the rest of the group wasn’t involved. So I thought accordingly, they had no value to him and could be disposed of.

    The oatmeal scene was priceless. I loved that it put their relationship on more normal footing. A little payback for three blue/green bar.

    • All along, Kierken’s been shown as a decent man who just wants justice, so having him order the Marauder be shot down seemed out of character. I would understand if the Marauder were actively firing upon him. He’d be defending himself, and anyone would do that. But to have this man who seems so focused on doing the right thing order the deaths of people seemed off, especially since he said (I believe to Four in the collapsed mine) he didn’t want to see them killed, just brought to justice, settled poorly with me. He was just having them killed because they were nearby and being a nuisance. That seemed very un-Kierken since they weren’t trying to kill him … at the time.

      Now, I understand it may have been to increase dramatic tension, but if so, it was at the cost of character continuity. At least that’s how it looked to me. I could very well be missing something obvious.

  3. So, in order:
    Yeah, the skirts and piercings line went pretty much like that.
    The fruits weren’t bitter, Five explicitly said they’re super sour.
    Five didn’t fire a missile, she sabotaged the launcher or the spare missile that was left in the truck. It’s shown that she popped a cover on the launcher side and started tweaking with the wires.
    Also, Three spares Kierken, but destroys the surveillance drone that was recording everything. So while he wants Kierken to know it, he doesn’t let him gather too much evidence directly from the Raza crew.

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