Television shows that center on superheroes are flying high these days and their numbers are growing.  Deadline is reporting that Fox has given a pilot commitment to a Black Lightning television show.  Well, it’ll become a “show” or series should the network decide to pick it up.  Of course, if they take a pass, I’d be shocked if it didn’t end up on another network.  The most obvious choice being the home of superhero television: The CW.

And speaking of The CW, Black Lightning is being produced by Greg Berlanti, who’s responsible for all those great CW superhero shows, so we know it’s in good hands.  Husband-and-wife team Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil will be writing and producing the pilot.

Black Lightning is the story of Jefferson Pierce, who retired from superhero-ing years back.  He comes out of retirement because of his daughter’s fanatical focus on justice and a star student who’s being recruited by a gang.  One of the first major African American superheroes to appear in DC Comics, Black Lightning debuted way back in 1977 and will hopefully hit our screens 40 years after his “birth”.

Jefferson Pierce is a metahuman who can create electromagnetic force fields and basically shoot lightning bolts.  He can use this power to stun or kill, but can also use his force field ability to stop bullets or other projectiles.  The force field ability also allows him limited flight capabilities and he was trained by Batman in hand-to-hand combat.  He’s a real electrical badass and I’m hoping to see a full series order soon!

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