Aw, geez.  It’s finale time already and as the Tenth Doctor said, “I don’t want to go.”  Or, more accurately, I don’t want Dark Matter to go.  But the old adage that all good things must come to an end still applies and at least we’re being left with some of the finest storytelling and world building on television.

In the promo, we see the Raza crew are truly creatures of habit.  They’re once again working with Delaney Truffault, but this time it’s supposedly for a good cause.  Considering the title of this episode is But First We Save The Galaxy, our crew’s intentions are noble.  But Truffault’s intentions may not be quite as philanthropic.

They’re trying to keep the big summit on EOS-7 safe from attack so that maybe they can avoid a giant corporate war that’ll surely plunge the galaxy into chaos.  There are more spy antics, but this time it’s Five who’s doing the infiltrating and not Android.  Someone plans to blow up the station and our gang is going to do everything they can to stop it.

The real question is, does Truffault really want to stop it or is she playing a long game that’ll put her on top?

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The Dark Matter season 2 finale airs Friday, September 16on Syfy and Space

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