In this sneak peek of Friday’s Dark Matter season 2 finale, our crew are once again making a deal with the devil.  Yes, they’re working with Commander Truffault yet again on what will probably be the biggest heist of the series (so far).

The video opens with most of our crew and Truffault looking at a holographic projection of their target: EOS-7.  As the Commander says, it’s one of the most secure facilities in the galaxy.  One thing that makes it unique and very secure is a network of satellites forming a sphere about 7 light minutes away from the station.  These satellites generate what Truffault calls an Asinof Exclusion Field, which causes any ship in FTL to immediately drop to sub-light speeds upon passing through it.  This means it’ll take hours to arrive at the station after passing the field, leaving any ship open to whatever defenses EOS-7 chooses to focus on them.

Since the Raza now has the Blink Drive, getting close to the station isn’t going to be a problem.  Getting ON the station is another matter entirely.  Deciding that fake credentials like they used on Balda-9 would be the best course of action, Five volunteers to go undercover.

Go Five!  She’s jumping into this Space Badass persona with both feet and we love it.

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The Dark Matter season 2 finale airs Friday, September 16on Syfy and Space

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