Syfy has been on something of a roll the last several years and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.  Among the returning and new offerings is the promising Incorporated.  The show takes place in the year 2074 when corporations have taken over running the world when governments fail.  It’s a very Orwellian look at the future and I think the creators missed out on a little nod by not setting the show in 2084, a century after Orwell’s titular 1984 story took place.

These two just-released trailers have a lot of overlap, but you get the gist of the situation from them.  Society is very oppressed and only a fortunate few can rise in the ranks of the corporations running every aspect of our lives.  One man, Ben Larson, is attempting to fake his way up the corporate ladder, but it’s a deadly climb.

Trailer 1 – Sneak Peek: Secrets Can Kill You:

Trailer 2 – (Basically a longer version of #1):

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Incorporated premieres Wednesday, November 30 on Syfy

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