By now, it’s not news that Superman is going to show up on season two of Supergirl.  We’ve been getting promos and pictures that all seem to focus on Superman like he’s the Marsha Brady of the show and poor Supergirl is Jan.  Well, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but watch this latest promo and tell me everyone on the show isn’t just super-stoked to have Clark/Supes around.

I swear everyone is acting as if having a super-powered Kryptonian woman who flies around in a cape saving people is just a normal, everyday situation.  But having the more established member of the El family stop in is like free ice cream day or something.  Geez, people, you’ve already got an awesome superhero, remember to appreciate that before you lose your shit over her cousin.

At least our titular hero is keeping up her usual bubbly spirits.

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