2016 has been a dry year for fans of Doctor Who with the series taking time off between showrunners.  But 2017 is going to double-down on the Whoniverse with not only new episodes of Who, but the debut of the spin-off series Class.

To celebrate, a trailer has been released at New York Comic-Con and is now available to watch online.  From what I’ve seen, the show is going to be surprisingly intense – probably exceeding that of its progenitor, Doctor Who.

For decades, there’s been talk of a female Doctor, and nothing proves what a great idea that is better than Katherine Kelly’s performance as Miss Quill.  She’s only seen for a short while in this trailer, but Kelly brings the fire and intensity of the best Doctors to her performance as the teacher leading a gaggle of young adults in the battle against otherworldly forces.

Oh, and there’s a surprise visit from the Doctor himself, but I don’t think he’s going to stay around for very long.  Besides having his own show to appear on, it’s clear from the look on his face that he’s not interested in hearing teenagers talk about their favorite TV shows.

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