This teaser trailer for 12 Monkeys‘ 3rd season is way too damned short, but it’s a welcome sight.  And about time, too.  With a premiere date just 2 months away (May 19), it’s time to fill this zoo with promos and pictures and sneak peeks and hints and whiskey sours.  I’m sure this is the first sign of an opening of the floodgates of the 12 Monkeys promotion machine.

The images are fast and numerous, but the gist of it is Cassie’s been taken and she’s knocked up.  Nothing we didn’t already know, but it’s fun seeing it fresh.  Then there’s some weird, shadowy dudes wearing bowlers and sporting lights on their chests – I swear they wandered off the set of Doctor Who.  Anyway, they’re carrying something I can’t quite make out, but they’re carrying it in the way pallbearers carry a casket. But this doesn’t look like a casket. Not an ordinary one, anyway.

There’s also a larger-than-life Olivia peering in at a very startled Jennifer. And a quick montage of our rogue’s gallery of familiar faces.  Y’know, enough to make you pee your pants a little … if you’re wearing pants.

12 Monkeys season 3 premieres Friday, May 19 on Syfy

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