I know the title makes a bold claim, if for nothing other than the fact that 12 Monkeys is full of amazing scenes. But trust me, in so many ways this clip is the absolute best thing the show has ever done. It gives very little away, so if you’re a spoilerphobe you can still enjoy this tidbit without having the taste of future in your mouth.

To start, this is a scene featuring Jennifer Goines played to absolute perfection by the unimaginably talented Emily Hampshire. While everyone on the show is a compelling character, Jennifer always seems to rise above the rest. Whenever there’s a scene and Hampshire’s in it, she usually steals it.

Entertainment Weekly was the first to share this clip in an interview with Terry Matalas. Please click on their hyperlinked name to show them how much you appreciate what they’ve done.

So now, I present to you Emily Hampshire as Jennifer Goines singing “99 Luftballons” in a surreal video that will have you laughing like a hyena. Now, let’s go get a burger. Know any good places?

12 Monkeys season 3 premieres Friday, May 19 on Syfy

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